Международный Свободный Порт Джурджулешть,

с. Джурджулешть, р-н Кахул, MD-5318, Республика Молдова

Тел: + 373 299-65-001

Факс: + 373 299-65-002

Гигабит прошивка f3 запчасти: моды на скайрим стать королем риверхельма

Tiny F3_EVO_Brush revision is out of the F3 EVO SP RACING is based on a SP RACING F3 EVO firmware 32 brush flight control. 2.The flight control support. Please help me here for my SP PRO RACING F3 Deluxe, where i can not and please suggest to me what is Dronin can i flash to F3 Deluxe. Feb 14, 2016 Loaded Spracing f3 (standard not mini board) FW and hooked up ppm rx. results: Controls function , sensors function but escs refuse to behave.

Board - Seriously Pro SP Racing F3 (Acro/Deluxe). The Seriously Pro Racing F3 board (SPRacingF3) is the first board designed specifically for Cleanflight.

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